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Dr. Yanming Huang

Dr. Yanming Huang began his career with formal education in medicine, earning degrees from the Hubei University of Chinese Medicine (MD), Tongji Medical University (Masters in Medicine), as well as the University of Leuven (PhD in Medicine), as well as working as a staff physician at Tongji Medical Hospital. Throughout this time, Dr. Huang published chapters in several books and over thirty original articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in peer-reviewed journals.

Currently, Dr. Huang holds certifications by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and is licensed by the Ohio Medical Board as an acupuncturist. He is also licensed as an acupuncturist in Belgium. He has experience with patients who have diverse backgrounds and various conditions, and his specialties include pain disorders, stress, anxiety, menopause, infertility and other chronic conditions.

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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Integrative Acupuncture Clinic is to provide you with the best Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatment possible. Your optimum health is our goal. We appreciate your decision to receive treatment here, and will do everything possible to make your experience at the center comfortable and healing.

Treatments are provided in a private room, where environment conditions are regulated to fit your individual needs. Therapeutic music and lighting encourage a stress-free session and enhance your experience.

Our professional and courteous staff work to make your appointments convenient, protect your confidentiality, and answer questions you have.

Our Clinic

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